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Healthy Starts Here

With nurturing and compassion, Karis Integrative Medicine provides patient care through partnership and education to empower patients to make health changes that will have infinite positive effects in their own lives, as well as their families and communities.

The Best Care for Everyone!

Scheduling Now for:

  • Annual exams

  • Weight loss and diabetes education

  • Pap screenings

  • Cardiovascular diseases 

  • Colposcopy and offer non-surgical treatment in place of LEEP / Cone

  • Contraception and counseling

  • Breast health and concerns

  • PCOS and metabolic syndrome

  • PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Bio-identical hormone therapy

  • Thyroid disorders, autoimmune Hashimoto and Graves

  • GI issues including IBS, leaky gut

Insurance Information:

  • In network with BCBS, AETNA, Cigna, EBMS

  • We do NOT accept Medicare or Tricare as a primary insurance

Why Functional Medicine?

Amy Elder APRN, WHNP-BC provides care from a functional medicine approach. Below are her answers to common questions regarding the care she provides.


1. Functional medicine - is addressing and correcting illness and disease from a biological basis. It looks for the underlying cause of symptoms instead of masking with short term drug therapy. Functional medicine incorporates lifestyle, nutrition and education to tailor individual care for patients.


2. Why this approach - Honestly, allopathic medicine never made sense, unless dealing with an emergent situation. As far back as nursing school, my interest was sparked to work with and not against the body in what it was trying to achieve. Recognizing early on that mainstream testing methods often failed to provide the full picture also spurred me to continued learning and research into functional medicine. Part of my passion is to change the face of medicine from the “current standard of care” as first line therapy, to that of functional medicine. This is accomplished through precepting NP students and providing a positive learning environment in our clinic.


3. Who benefits - Everyone can! The patients that benefit most are the ones who are dissatisfied with the status quo, want to partner with their provider, and take control in their health care to restore wellness.


4. Expect personalized care based on extensive history taking and review, utilizing a variety of testing methods including blood, stool, saliva, and urine to aid in diagnosis, counseling regarding nutritional status, supplement use and rationale. Prescription medications may still be implemented short term to support transitions in health. 

5. I absolutely love being able to provide a variety of tools for patient use. It is rewarding beyond measure to watch them become empowered to improve their health and well being.


"Absolutely incredible! Amy is very knowledgeable and is determined to find the root cause of your “issue.” Her staff is very friendly and in my case, they were relatable to my situation. I wish I would have gone to Amy sooner! But I’m so thankful to have found her now and can get to feeling much better! I highly recommend her and her staff."

"Amy Elder listens to her patients and is very kind. She treats the whole person - not only prescribing medication after thoughtful consideration, but also encouraging a variety of diets, supplements and alternative treatments to promote health. She often has a student nurse practitioner with her and has served in our community for over 15 years. I would highly recommend her."

— KR

— AS

Contact Info



591 N Knik Street, Suite E Wasilla, AK 99654



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