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The correlation between gut health and disease dates back to 400 BC and Hippocrates.  


The greatest portion of the immune system is in the gut microbiome, and attention to digestion is foundational.


Fatigue has many faces. Attention to items such as gut imbalance, thyroid imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies can alleviate fatigue. 


Adverse toxic exposure through environment, foods and lifestyles can accumulate over time.


Attention to detoxification helps restore health and function. 

Women's Health

Throughout a woman's lifespan, attention to hormone balance can help with optimal health and protection against cancers specific to women. Bioidentical hormone use is one of many ways to address imbalnces. 

Weight Loss

Weightloss can be attained by lifestyle dietary changes. 

Nutritional intake with attention to a whole food, organic intake as possible is  key. The addition of good fats is the finish for optimal health. 


Stress is a response that can often be detrimental. Addressing underlying chronic stress and excess cortisol levels is an important avenue to restore health.

Thyroid Health

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped organ near the base of your neck, helps regulate your metabolism and other key body functions. Symptoms such as weight gain (or loss), tachycardia, or hair loss can be related to thyroid conditions. 


Breast thermography is a non invasive method of evaluating breast pathology. Using thermal signatures, Thermogram technology allows us to evaluate for angiogenesis and potentially cancerous growths.

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